Ruthie Lindsey is a Nashville-based speaker, stylist, and world traveler whose work has been featured in Darling Magazine, The Great Discontent, Better Homes & Gardens, Lonny, and Design* Sponge to name a few. She's hosted events for Kinfolk, Free People, Tinker Street & more. Ruthie speaks and travels, sharing about living a rich, beautiful life in the midst of brokenness and pain.

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Ruthie’s unbreakable spirit and zest for life urge us to find beauty in the darkest places and her candor reminds us of a most important truth: we are not alone.
— Tina Essmaker, The Great Discontent
An amazing soul and someone who leaves an imprint on those who listen, Ruthie is a beautiful and inspiring speaker.
— Alicia W. Binkley, CreativeMornings
You can’t learn or fake a powerful story. It happens to you. Ruthie’s life, her story and the strength she has built from it, is the most incredible, inspiring thing. You cannot hear her and remain the same.
— Jedidiah Jenkins, Writer/Speaker

Photo Credits // Top: Zach Rose // Middle: Jedidiah Jenkins