Photo:  Abigail Bobo

Before she was styling professionally, she began decorating her own home, constantly discovering new artists and makers, and finding ways to use design as an outlet. It wasn’t long before her home was discovered and her distinct aesthetic became something she used for others as well. One of her very first clients was Taylor Swift. The album artwork for Taylor’s Red was shot inside Ruthie’s home, using her original designs, antiques, and styling to form the concept for the shoot. It was this opportunity that opened the door for more work, for numerous large brands and influencers. From hosting large events, to photoshoots, to intimate dinner parties she has the keen ability to make her guests feel at home amidst a sea of perfectly curated details. Ruthie has styled & hosted events for Tinker Street, Charity Water, Williams Sonoma, Land Rover, Amtrak, Free People, West Elm, Darling Magazine, WeWork & more.

Her free-spirited, folksy sophistication has made Lindsey a valued creative collaborator... and design consultant who has amassed an impressive roster of clients in under two years.
— Lonny
Certain people come into our lives, and even in the fleeting moments that we spend with them, they affect us so profoundly that they leave a lasting mark on our hearts. Ruthie Lindsey is one of those people
— Free People